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»Welcome to the descriptions gg. On our page you will find the best descriptions of Gadu Gadu. Gg descriptions are divided into categories, so that the Bench will find you interesting status gg. We are sure that you will find here interesting descriptions of Gadu-Gadu. Each of you can add your own description gg. We invite you to visit our website. Remember, only with us the best statuses Gadu Gadu. Editorial descriptions gg.

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Description ggTKMC-miss, I love, I think, kisses
Description ggI do not have garniaka of Bossa or Fury klasą..idę same designated route .. :(
Description gg ~! F! ~! I! ~! Z! ~! I! ~ ~! A! ~! He likes you!
Description ggfucking huj is your father
Description ggLove is like a diarrhea-comes suddenly
Description ggAwMyślachChodzTuDoMniePoczujSieSwobodniePrzyMNieBądź ... :)
Description ggIseeTheWayYouLookAtMeIKnowYouThinkOfMe
Description ggMarmot Chuck Norris as you, you know chickens ** zawjaniu
Description ggA marmot sitting because there is;] PP
Description ggI have for you, A Midsummer Night's Dream <3
Description gg--- >> -> - <3 This flower is for you !!
Description ggSorry Cie Kitten for what happened in Tibi !! Will you forgive?
Description ggJodlz grow on top of a hot I love you more than life!
Description gg Look at this link to enjoy live tracks of Basshunter As they say, you have been uprisings any forward not worth it to look at people from the east
Description ggLife is not a fairy tale not of scratches on eggs
Description ggSchool! Do not please. Why? - School! Not Makes Pleasure. Why?
Description ggHey, what did you do what you were stupid bully met you loved

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